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A tool for recording the stroke-order of glyphs.

  • 8.5.11: Checked in the code for 0.9.

Get this release, build using the included ANT buildfile and run the app. from the command line: java sod.Builder 9E93.

I traced a kaisho-style glyph for this release.

Mincho and gothic style glyphs are very different from handwritten kanji. These styles, although widely available, are not appropriate for teaching stroke-order. Kaisho (handwritten) and kyokasho (textbook) are the two styles commonly used for teaching stroke-order in Japanese schools and textbooks.


I decided against animating stroke-order diagrams.

Normal human memory can remember a sequence of seven items. This is why telephone numbers (XXX-123-4567) do not exceed seven digits. Since most kanji have more than seven strokes, presenting stroke-order diagrams as an animated sequence is not a good idea--by the time the last stroke in animated, you will have forgotten the first few strokes!


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